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A sustainable future: Which scenario do you choose? Project RRi2SCALE

Do you live in de province of Overijssel? Please vote for possible scenarios within the field of innovation! Topics are energy transition, mobility and smart cities. The results will be used for the RRI2SCALE project. Important to this project are the expectations of Overijssel's residents regarding innovation and how they can exert influence in the area they live in. 

Through this open and democratic process, we aim to bring together citizens and public authorities in Overijssel for achieving together friendlier, greener and more inclusive technological and scientific development. For participation, it is not needed to be an expert. To get to know your opinions is what is most important.

YES, I would like to share my vision on a sustainable future!
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What to expect?

As part of our strategy to actively engage citizens of the regions, with the help of experts across Europe, we developed a set of six scenarios (two for each smart field) that envision potential, yet different futures of regional innovation and technological trends. We will ask you, as a citizen of Overijssel, to approve or reject them, based on your needs, concerns and unique visions. The results of voting will be used by regional authorities for the design of future regional policies in innovation and technology.


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Since 2020, the University of Twente and the province of Overijssel joined the European project 'Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy' (RRI2SCALE). From 2020 to 2023, the project partners will design an approach to enable regions to make their research and innovation policies inclusive and future-proof. Next to Overijssel, the European regions Galicia in Spain, Crete in Greece and Vestland in Norway participate.

Within RRI2SCALE, DesignLab is responsible for setting up workshops in the four regions on future scenarios and regional innovation agendas. DesignLab explicitly focuses on Citizen Science and involving citizens in designing solutions to social challenges, such as energy transition, sustainable mobility, and smart cities.

For more detailed project information about RRI2SCALE, please visit the project website.