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Cooperation between Dimence Groep and the University of Twente

Dimence Groep and the University of Twente have signed a cooperation agreement. Both organisations contribute to the development of effective and efficient mental health, primarily in the areas of positive health, health technology and self-management and personalised care.

The shared objective of both parties is to combine practice and science and to improve synergy in coming years. This way, experiences from the practical field contribute to theoretical development and to scientifically substantiated innovations that, in turn, benefit the practical field.   

Dimence Groep and the University of Twente have cooperated for years in areas like health technology. This subject seamlessly fits the research topics of Dimence Groep. Various students of the University of Twente have graduated through assignments from Dimence Groep. Dimence Groep, in turn, successfully contributes to the courses of the University.  

Like in previous years, the cooperation in the upcoming years will primarily take place within the three foundations of Dimence Groep: Dimence, Mindfit and Transfore. Within Dimence, the activities of the cooperation will primarily take place in the specialised centre for bipolar disorders. Mindfit will find an interesting partner in the UT when it comes to scientific substantiation in the area of basic mental healthcare. The cooperation with Transfore is primarily aimed at doctoral research, theses and the mentoring of Doctors of Psychology that are being prepared for specialist positions.

For more information, please contact Rita Kamphuis, Corporate Communication Consultant Dimence Groep, 06 1511 0848,

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