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Startups, students and experts visit Slush in Helsinki

From 19-23 November, a large delegation of startups and UT students, along with several experts from Novel-T, are in Helsinki to attend Slush, the world's leading startup and tech event. The group consists of the startups Fluidensity, Pescheck, Serious VR, Mobina IT, CodeSandbox and SwipeGuide, along with ten students from the Entrepreneurship & Business Development honours programme. The main goal of the visit is to connect the startups to potential investors. 

Mike Verkouter, startup ambassador and founder of the Novel-T START programme explains why Novel-T has organised this mission to Helsinki. “Establishing new contacts with investors and other companies is of essential importance to the growth of these startups. With Novel-T, we enrich these contacts with the context of an innovation ecosystem and our founders, including the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. That can give these startups the push they need to get involved with a major investor. Furthermore, we are here at Slush to represent Hightech Twente for foreign startups who are considering a move to the Netherlands.” Five of the six startups also took part in the Novel-T Investor Readiness Bootcamp, during which experts prepared them for their quest for funding. 

The ten honours students, who are themselves in the early stages of entrepreneurship, have come to Slush to gain inspiration. For them, the visit is an educational and invaluable first-hand experience of the world of startup companies and investors that can help them take their business plans to the next level.

Introduction of the startups

●     SwipeGuide offers a user-friendly cloud platform that businesses can use to easily create, edit and share visual user instructions and manuals for use on mobile devices.

●     Fluidensity translates the value of art into digital tokens using blockchain technology and offers a digital platform for artists and collectors.

●     Pescheck makes it easier for businesses to find reliable staff. Businesses can request screenings via PESCHECK's online dashboard.

●     Serious VR develops virtual training methods and data delivery for businesses.

●     Mobina IT offers an advanced web application that helps manufacturing companies make the right IT choices to support their organisation's (ongoing) digitisation.

●     CodeSandbox offers a development environment in which web developers can collaborate live on their code and quickly develop, share and test prototypes.

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