Previous Phrases


Most people are scared of the power they carry within (Marianne Wilson speech Nelson Mandela)

Give me the power to change what can be changed, to endure what I cannot change and the wisdom to see the difference (Theresa d’Avila)


“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”, Albert Pine (in memorial for Ken Trimmer)

There are three kinds of crisis. The ones you know you know, the ones you know you do not know and the most dangerous one, the one you do not know you do not know (de Jager quote Rumsfelt}


There is only one way to evaluatie the usefulness of you performance measures: "you must explain how you believe VALUE is created" (August 2011, Simons, 2010)

When attacked, a decentralized organization will get more open and decentral. First rule of seastar and the spider (6th of July 2011)

Panem et Circences (introductie van Jacques Troch op lezing van Joop Munsterman (Twente) 30 Maart 2011.


Where the Quality is High, Efficiency follows (December 2010, Roelof Konterman from Achmea in Rondom 10)

The world is not flat, it’s an egg (November 2010, in book “The value of information in the information world)

A wealth of information is a poverty of attention (Herbert Simon, grading a literature search on SISP, October 2010)

Talking with Shell about solar energy is like talking to a turkey about Xmas dinner (Pieter Winsemius at the academic opening of the year, September 2010)

I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.

Captain Edward Smith, referring to Adriatic

Information is any difference that makes a difference to a conscious human mind (Fisher 2005, may 2010)

A ....... Doctor

Was ....... to operate

Because there was .......

(Puzzle – e-health future lecture and seminar)

My light-bulb moment was when I realized that RELEVANCY was king (Penry Price, Google, 3th of February 2010, first lecture, the Google story)


Information Strategy should consciously, pro-actively move forward incrementally (October 2009, James Brian Quinn on logical incrementalism, 1980)

The value of search engines is the great amount of information you can gather with IT, the drawback of search engines is the great amount of information you can gather with IT. (Ton AM Spil, new study on i-search services, May 2009)

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future (Niels Bohr, March 2009)

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done (Andy Rooney, February 2009 start ICT applications course)

Some thoughts about time (January 2009)

We always know the time (Cox review 2008 at ECIME London)

If you want to have time you have to take it (Hans Achterhuis)

Everybody has the same time (in Dutch “Het is geen kwestie van tijd maar een kwestie van prioriteit)


It is rather strange to sing aloud So Lonely if you are standing in an audience of 40.000 people (Concert Police, september 2007)

I only learn to be satisfied (Ryoanji temple, Kyoto, August, 2007)

“The patient is central, but terribly in the way” (Quote interview CIO, April, 2007)

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so (Al Gore quotes Mark Twain in the inconvenient truth, January 2007)

Phrases of previous months 2006

Who am I? What do I want? And How can I get there? (Daniel Ofman, 27th of September)

The downside of the narrowness of the budgetary process has been likened to driving a motor car solely by looking through the rear view mirror (and a mirror that provides only an imperfect reflection).(Otley 1999 in master thesis Rothengatter september 2006))

We have only scratched the opportunities of ICT (Ward, August 2006)

We do not evolve from apes, we are apes (Arsuaga in the Necklace of the Neanderthaler)

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do (Goethe, May 2006)

E-health isn’t necessary health-e (february 2006)

Phrases of previous months 2005

Ein Information System ist alles was der fall ist (free from Wittgenstein, November 2005)

In any great organization, it is far, far safer to be wrong with the majority than to be right alone (John Kenneth Galbraith, September 2005)

The roots of science are bitter, but the grapes are sweet (Hieronymus, doctoral thesis Wil van der Schaaf, June 2005)

We have ICT solutions looking for problems (Goodbye workshop (Wassenaar, March 2005)

Phrases of previous months 2004

You have to take time to have it (Matrix, December 2004)

Architecture creates environment, not only adapts to it (Kalle Lyyitinen, 29th of November Masterclass, about architect Gehry)

To run a marathon is like writing a scientific paper, the first part is easy but to fulfill it is a whole different story (23d of October, Marathon of Buurse)

Knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music, music is the best (Frank Zappa, Joe’s Garage 13th of September 2004)

An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less (Samuel Butler, September 2004)

Since when do people know what they want (Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty, September 2004)

Man can outrun an antelope because of his respiratory system (August 2004, Dirk van der Weelden, Looptijd)

We’ll leave the light on for you all summer (Iceland, May 2004)

It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, April, 2004)

The best way to test the character of a man is to give him power (Abraham Lincoln, March 2004)

When you make a mistake and do not correct it, you make a second one (Confucius, February 2004)

Live today, die tomorrow, but tomorrow you can live today and die tomorrow (January, 2004)

Phrases of previous months 2003

There is no quality time, just in between time (Achterhuis, december 2003)

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano

(Sound Mind Sound Body, my new running shoes, November 2003)

Stop annoying yourself, start enjoying yourself (October 2003)

Time and space are scarce resources. People want to conquer space and control time with new technology (Free from Illich, september 2003)

Changing people's customs is an even more delicate responsibility than surgery (Edward H. Spicer, 1952, Gelre project August 2003)

One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you knoe it, you have no certainty till you try (Sophocles, 400BC while reading Rogers diffusion August 2003)

The art of life is to be home as if you are travelling (Godfried Bomans, july 2003)

To see Napels and then ..... die (June 2003)

In der Beschrankung zeigt sich der Meister (Goethe, but not in the Italy travellings)

What's more important? To be successful or to find out why you want to be successsful? (Suzuki, April 2003)

Imagine all the people, live their life in peace (John Lennon, March 2003)

Nothing is totally untrue, nothing we know is entirely true (Hegel) This philosophy will hold for Bush and Hussein (Spil, february 2003)

To be unreachable will be a privilige in the near future

(Mirjan van der Meijden, stelling bij het proefschrift, feb 2003)

Phrases of previous months 2002

What can I know What must I do and what may I hope?

(Immanuel Kant, philosophy minor november 2002)

If you don't know what you want to know any book will do.

(July 2002, based on Lewis Carroll and Jeroen's question)

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness (John Muir, June 2002)

Seattle is where hikers go when they die (May, 2002)

Peruse me, o reader, if you find delight in my work ...... and come , to see the wonders which may be discovered in nature. (Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519, February 2002)

The difference between theory and practice is, that in theory there is no difference

(January 2002)

Phrases of previous months 2001

A Human Being is a Set of Possibilities (Arnold Cornelis, November 2001)

Success is to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children

(Ralph W Emerson, Stress Almanak, 20 November 2001)

They can bomb the world to pieces

but they cannot bomb it into peace

(Michael Franti, 26 October 2001)

A small disadvantage can be a great benefit (16th of October 2001)

The patient becomes a client but stays a client of care (October, 2001)

How, If you could,surround yourself with,carelessness,and that that,would be yourspace (free translation from Bert Schierbeek, august 2001)

Project education is capable of improving not only those who are lectured, but also the lecturer (integratieproject BIT, juli 2001)

You have to do what you plan and have to plan what you do (June, 11th 2001)

Those who have no time have to be smart (May 2001)

The best way to predict the future is to create it (March 2001).

The laws of Murphy are renamed the laws of Gates, the first one is (please mail me more)):

Everything that can be incompatible, will be incompatible (January 2001).

Phrases of previous months 2000

A good councellor never lacks clients (Shakespeare, Measure for measure, 21st of December 2000)

The Electronic prescription system is a goal without means and or a way without goals (EVS research, November 2000)

People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care (Shalom Cohen, October 2000)

Citius, Altius, Fortius (quicker, higher, stronger), Olympic games, september 2000.

"Human artifacts rarely last for long" (Drucker) "It is surprising how fast people forget these days" (Wensley) This knowledge drain is also recognizable in the renovation of buildings (Spil, April 2000).

"This is the age of the mind. For humans, it is a period of great harvest. it is the harvest of the mind. Few realize this. Fewer will capitalize on it" (Groth, 1993, March 2000)

Just 10% of all formulated strategy is implemented (Kiechel, Fortune) Tom Peters thinks this estimation is far too high (Mintzberg, 1998, read february 2000)

A helicopter view is: hanging high, hanging still and make a lot of noise (Vorstman)

Around the world thoughts shall fly. In the twinkling of an eye. (Shipton, 16th century!, january 2000)

Gouverner, c'est prevoir (Fayol, projectmanagement course, 31st of january 2000)

Phrases of previous months 1999

There's nothing permanent except change (Heraclitus)(january, 1999)

The fire must keep burning (science theatre, 5-7 february 1999)

People easily say, "I've got two left hands", not many people dare to say "I'm out of my head"! Giving priority to head above hands is a stupidity in itself (february, 1999)

The Mind is more powerful than Money & Means(strategic thinking, 1st of March 1999)

Real life happens beside thing people are planning
(John Lennon, Paper rise and fall of strategic IS planning, 15 th of April 1999)

Although part of the world seems out of its head
Feelings have the overhand
Because the bulb sprouted
and let you out
a new world citizen has landed in our bed.
(Nienke, May, 3d 1999)

Humans tend to forget to participate in the world they observe (july, 1999)

What goes up must come down, what will rise must fall (Alan Parsons, August, 1999)

Six billion years ago there where no human beings
Now there are 6 billion humans on earth
If we continu like this there will be no humans over 6 billion years (October, 1999)

If there is nobody to take the blame
there is little chance on easy change
(colloquium Jeroen Ekkelenkamp 17 december 1999)

Phrases of previous months 1998

What do you prefer, the four f's or the four p's?
Family,Friends, Festivals, Fun or Profit, Pay, Performance & Productivity.
(Handy,1994 januari 1998)

Money is equal to time,you don't make money to buy goods,
you make money to buy time!
(Dan Cooper, a jewish, soefi, christian boedhist, 1 february 1998)

A picture says more than a thousand words
(Champagne pool, Waiatapu New Zealand, march 1998)

I keep six honest serving-men
They taught me all I knew
Their names are What and Why and When
And How, Where and Who.
(July, 1998 Rudyard Kipling, The Elephant's Child)
(Event Flow Diagrams, Flynn & Jazi, IS Journal, 8,53-83)

Success is getting what you want and
Happiness is wanting what you get.
(Warren Buffet, Fortune, august 1998)

A disapointment can be an incentive to success
(Colloquium Hoebe & hrm T&M september,1998)

Best things in life are still for free (concert of Jan Rot, 17th of september 1998)

Every improvement is a change but not every change an improvement (guestlecture Eli
Goldratt, Erasmus Rotterdam, 12 oktober 1998)

Marketing is feeding the ducks so they sit still; Sales is shooting the ducks (BIVAO lecture, 30th of october 1998)

Phrases of previous months 1997

Computers are fast, accurate but stupid. Humans are slow, inaccurate but brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination
(Albert Einstein, Lijfspreuk BIT onderwijsdag - 17 januari 1997)

Oer us skijnt deselfde sinne, wer't wy op de wrald ek binne
(Diane Limburg, temporarily new room mate, february 1997)

Four students, chemical technology, applied physics, applied mathematics and technology & management, each got a barometer with the assignment to measure the height of a tower.
The chemical student measured the airpressure at the top and at the bottom and estimated the height between 0 and 60 meter.
The physics student, used to working with more expensive instruments, dropped the barometer and concluded from the falling time a height between 27 and 33 meter.
The mathematics student compared the length of the shadow of the tower with the shadow of the barometer and estimated a length between 30 and 31 meter.
The student technology & management sold the barometer and used the money to buy the architect some beers and got to know the exact height, 30,4 meter.
(preparation major-minor discussion with rector 12/3/1997)

When things that are abnormal, start to look normal, it is time to leave
(Wassenaar at a vakgroep meeting)

There not many people that come to an age of 70 together, the future has already started
(1/6/1997, the 40th marriage annivarsary of my parents in law)

Daddy you're a lovely mammy
(Twan, 22 june 1997)

In the areas of both hardware and software development, the world seems like one great R&D department run amok, creating newer, better, faster and more sophisticated capabilities far more quickly than any individual or business can assimilate and apply them.
(Gouillart & Kelly, 1995)

If Mathematics is the queen of science, then Informatics is the king
(IFIP working conference WG 3.2 August 20th 1997)

What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself
(Daniel D. Offman, 1993 for a difficult conversation 1st of Oktober, 1997)

People should be more concerned with prethinking instead of rethinking. Therefore Business Rengineering should be called Busines Preengineering. (Toward a new way of information planning, Spil, 27th of Oktober 1997)

The last act of a dying organization,
is to make a rule book (Parkinson)
(Vakgroep meeting 25 november 1997)

Phrases of previous months 1996

Change is Vision, Courage, Opportunities & Desire.
(september, 1996)

Innovation is blood, mud & pain and very nice
(Chrits van Ewijk, Centraal Beheer insurance) Rugby is innovation (Spil, 16 October 1996),

You sometimes have to put life in perspective
(Michel van der Plas in een lezing over Godfried Bomans, 11 november 1996)

People do not get upset by the things themself, but by the way they look at it
(Epictus in reactie op de facelift van het BB gebouw)