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You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation (Plato, in preparation module serious gaming 2015) Plato.

This generation is going to make the world a better place (Don Tapscott)

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Dr.Ir. A.A.M.Spil 

Department of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems  
University of Twente
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Room Ravelijn 3418
Phone: +31 53 489 3497

Research Topics

  • Adoption and use of information services
  • Inter-organizational information strategy
  • E-health
  • Business Modeling
  • Serious Gaming

Recent & Key publications

(visit Narcis for downloads and see full list below)

  • Dijk, T. van, Spil, A.A.M., Burg, S. van der, Wenzler, I. & Dalmolen, S. (2014). Present or Play, Some First Evidence on the Effect on Behaviour of Serious Gaming. In ECGBL 2014, 8th European conference on games based learning, Berlin, 9-10 October 2014. Berlin.
  • Spil, TAM & Klein, R (2014)”Personal Health Records Success: Why Google Health failed and what does that mean for Microsoft Health Vault?”, Electronic Proceedings HICSS 47, Hawaii.
  • Michel-Verkerke, M B, Spil, TAM (2013)”” The USE IT-adoption-model to Predict and Evaluate Adoption of Information and Communication Technology in Healthcare”Methods of information in Medicine,
  • Landeweerd, H.R.A., Spil, Ton. A.M. & Klein, Richard (2013). The Success of Google Search, the Failure of Google Health and the Future of Google Plus. In Yogesh.K. Dwivedi, Helle.Zinner Henriksen, David Wastell & Rahul De (Eds.), Grand Successes and Failures in IT. Public and Private Sectors: IFIP WG 8.6 International Working Conference on Transfer and Diffusion of IT, TDIT 2013, Bangalore, India, June 27-29, 2013. Proceedings (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 402) (pp. 221-239). Berlin: Springer.
  • Bookhold, Erik, Spil, Ton. A.M. & Katsma, C.P. (2013). The Future of Digital Music Services in Three Stereotypes; How Focus Groups of End Users See the New Business Models. In PACIS 2013 proceedings. Jeju Island, Korea: AIS Electronic Library.
  • Lentelink, SJ, Spil, AAM, Broens, T, Hermens, HJ & Jones, VM (2013)”Healthy weight game!: Lose weight together”, Proceedings of SEGAH 2013, Algarve, Portugal
  • Arviansyah, A, Spil, T. A.M.; Hillegersberg, van J (2013)” Evaluating IS/IT Projects: Emergence of Equivocality in Practice”Proceedings AMCIS, Chigaco (best paper award).
  • Spil, TAM, Trimmer,K (in Memorial)(2013)”IT Adoption and evaluation in Healthcare”International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 11, 3, 213-214.
  • Salmela, H, Spil, T, Sethi, V, Lederer, A & Jarvenpaa, S (2012)”Managing Information and Knowledge in Interorganisational Networks”, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Vol. 21, 3, 179-181.
  • Deverson, MMCE, Spil, TAM & Gemert , van LJWEC (2012) “Videophone to improve communication between intellectual handicapped and their relatives”, Int. J. Networking and Virtual Organisations, Vol. 11, No. 2, p107-141.
  • Spil, TAM, Wiggins, C, Trimmer, K and Lerouge, C (2011)”Back to the future of adoption and evaluation of e-health”, IJ Healthcare, technology and Management, 12, 1, 85-109.
  • Spil, TAM, Schuring, RW, Michel Verkerke, MB, Mugisha, R & Lagendijk PJB (2010)”The relevance of Telehealth across the Digital Divide: The transfer of knowledge over distance”,An International Journal of Knowledge Management & E-Learning, 2, 2, 17-35.
  • Spil, T A M, Broek, T van de, Salmela, H T T (2010)” It takes two to tango: the fit between network context and inter-organizational strategic information systems planning”, International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications, 1, 1, pp 23-41.
  • Spil, T A M & Kijl, B (2009)”E-health Business Models: From pilot project to successful deployment”, IBIMA Business Review, 1, p55-66.
  • Spil, TAM & Katsma, C & Stegwee, R. A. (2007)”Exploring Interoperability of Electronic Healthcare Records by studying Demand and Supply in the Netherlands, Communication of the AIS 20, Health paper XXIII, 996-1008
  • Wijnhoven, F, Spil, TAM, Stegwee, RA & Tjang A Fa, R (2006)"Post-merger IT Integration strategies: An IT alignment perspective", Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 15, 1, pp 5-28
  • Salmela, H & Spil, T A M(2002) " Dynamic and emerging Information Systems Strategy formulation and implementation ", International journal of Information Management , 22, 6, pp 441-460.
  • Sikkel, K, Spil T A M, Weg, R L W van de (1999) A real world case study in information technology for undergraduate students, Journal of Systems and Software, V49,2-3, 30 december 1999, pp117-123


(See VIST or for more detail Teletop)

  • E-Health Strategies (236050), Q4, IEM (HCTM) & Healthcare Technology (BMT)
  • E-Strategizing (235020), Q1, IEM (IT), IM & BIT
  • ICT Project mgt (Module 8 BIT/IBA Q4)
  • Module Operational Excellence (Q4 GZW)
  • Module Serious Gaming (Multidisciplinary, Q1)
  • Masterclass Information Management (Q1 &3, Master BA INF) Module Information Management (BIT and Twente School of management)
  • Doctoral assignments
  • Information Management for Healthcare management, Risk Management and MBA labour and housing and MBA water management.
  • Risk Management and Safety of ICT (Choice module Risk Management)

Organizational tasks

  • ICIS 2015 Associate Editor E-health track
  • HICSS (chair e-Health minitrack 2016)
  • ECIS Chair e-Health Munster 2015
  • AMCIS 2015 Puerto Rico Chair Mobile Health
  • SEGAH program Committee
  • PROHEALTH program Committee
  • Co-ordinator master assignments
  • iNet organizational member
  • Guest editor Journal of Health, Policy & Technology

Personal Stuff

  • music

Concerts that matter

Warpaint @ crossing border November 2013

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Alan Parsons Live Project @ Wilminkstheater Enschede, 30 March 2013
I Am Kloot @ crossing border 2012

Susanna Sundfor @ Botanique Brussel 18 nov 2012'

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Efterklang @ Melkweg Amsterdam 13 jan 2013

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§23d of May @Stolzenau
Kelderjam 2013

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