Information Systems & Change Management E-health


E-health is a major focus in the IS4NOW research plan. The projects and people are highlighted below.

1 Agents & Services in Health

Jos van Hillegersberg Dr. Fons Wijnhoven 

Services and Service Oriented Architectures promise to enable dynamic business networks. However, the emergence of such networks is hindered by the complexity of orchestration of inter-organizational services.

Especially in Healthcare, integration and interoperability is very important for the development of ICT and quality of healthcare chains.

Projects range from Business cases in healthcare (Bjorn Kijl), process improvements in healthcare (Diederik Rothengatter) to information services in healthcare (Fons Wijnhoven) and agents in healthcare (Jos van de Hillegersberg).

2 Change Management & Implementation


The introduction of large information systems in large and complex healthcare organizations lead to implantation problems that have to be handled with new ways of change management and new ways of leadership.

Research is done on Enterprise wide systems in Healthcare and on reorganizing hospitals.

3 Governance, Use, Innovation and Diffusion of E-Health


This research theme focuses both externally with inter organizational network strategies as subject (NEWS) as internally with research of methods of e-strategizing and governance of ICT, specifically in healthcare. Successful adoption, implementation, diffusion, and evaluation of information technology (IT) innovation in organizations continue to challenge research and practice.

Projects range from innovation of care with multiple organizations (Ton Spil) and adoption and diffusion of information systems (Margreet Michel-Verkerke) to Interoperability in healthcare (Robert Stegwee)