Erwin Hans


Full professor Operations Management in Healthcare

Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research (CHOIR website)
Educational Officer, board member Beta Research School for Operations Management and Logistics (website)

Tel: (+31 53 489)3523/ 3912 (secretary)



University of Twente
Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
Dep. Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems
Room: RA-3345 (Ravelijn is building 10 on the campus map)
P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE, Enschede
The Netherlands

Research interests

Healthcare operations research / operations management


  • (2015-2017) Promoter of Gréanne Leeftink, with prof.dr. R.J. Boucherie (NWO talent project)
  • (2010-2017) Promoter of Jasper van Sambeek, with J.J. Krabbendam
  • (2012-2017) Promoter of Nardo Borgman, with prof.dr. R.J. Boucherie (HagaZiekenhuis project)
  • (2009-2013) Promoter of Egbert van der Veen (ORTEC bv.)
  • (2008-2013) Promoter of Peter Hulshof (STW LogiDOC project)
  • (2007-2011) Assistant promoter of Peter Vanberkel (STW LogiDOC project)
  • (2004-) Ongoing research “OR/OM in healthcare”; subjects: Operating room/Intensive care planning and scheduling, planning concepts, simulation, emergency planning and scheduling, master surgical scheduling, robust surgery loading, …
  • (2004-2010) Project group member of NFU project concerning the benchmarking of the operating theatres of the 8 Dutch academic medical centres
  • (2001-2005) Assistant promoter of Gerhard Wullink, subject: Resource Loading Under Uncertainty
  • (2002-2003) REPRO: research project concerning productivity optimization in ship repair yards
  • (1997-2001) Ph.D. project: "Resource Loading by Branch-and-Price Techniques"


PhD lectures:

MSc lectures:

  • 191852620: Advanced Production Planning (with J.M.J. Schutten, A. Al Hanbali)
  • 194121020: Optimization of Health Care Processes 2

BSc lectures:

  • Lecturer and tutor for the Technische Bedrijfskunde BSc program (Module 1, 6)


For an updated list, see Google Scholar. Or see ORCID.

Professional literature, periodicals


  • Hans, E.W. (2015) Is it going better, doctor? (English translation) Inaugural speech for accepting the chair Operations Management in Healthcare on April 9, 2015.
  • Hans E.W. (2015). Gaat het nu wat beter, dokter? (In Dutch) Inaugural speech for accepting the chair Operations Management in Healthcare on April 9, 2015.

KEYWORDS: operations management, healthcare, health care, process optimization, logistics, planning, scheduling, capacity planning, workforce planning, operations research