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Logistical Care for Optimal Design

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The nature of hospital work does not allow copying success stories from industry, where logistical optimisation has a long history. Healthcare processes and supply chains show considerable differences, such as the high degree of uncertainty, the medical autonomy of clinicians, and the fact that patients cannot be treated as products. LogiDOC aims to develop mathematical models and techniques to analyse and support the design of the optimal logistical layout of a hospital with a given case mix and desired performance levels. In three PhD subprojects, the research addresses the strategic, tactical and operational level of hospital planning and control. The output consists of decision support tools, (mathematical) models and techniques that capture the inherent complexity of healthcare processes, and aid users to analyse the relation between system configurations, optimized and robust system planning and control, and system performance.

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For more information contact: Prof.dr. W.H.M. Zijm