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DINALOG Cargo Hitching

DINALOG Cargo Hitching

Project name:

DINALOG Cargo Hitching

Project acronym:

Cargo Hitching

Start date:

September 2012

End date:


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DINALOG Cargo Hitching

Short description

Combining people and freight flows creates attractive business opportunities because the same transportation needs can be met with fewer vehicles and drivers. This can make socially desirable transport options economically viable in rural areas where the population is declining. In urban areas it reduces congestion and air pollution and facilitates the introduction of electric vehicles. This project will design integrated people and freight synchromodal transportation networks and the related coordination (4C), planning and scheduling policies to enable efficient and reliable delivery of both persons and small- to medium-sized freight volumes.

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Project partners:

Eindhoven University of Technology, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Universiteit Twente, Binnenstadservice, Last Mile Logistics (COEPA), Connexxion, Green Cab, Lekkerland, Sectorinstituut Openbare Bibliotheken, Stichting Ubbo Emmius Fonds, Medialogistics, Urgenda & DOET, Groningen Seaports

For more information contact: Prof.dr. W.H.M. Zijm