Study Abroad


ORientation & application

To be able to study abroad, several things have to be arranged. Hence, it is recommended to start at least 9 months prior to departure with the preparation for your exchange semester.


The Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences has an extensive list of bilateral agreements with Partner universities across the world. In order to make a deliberate decision, take the following steps into consideration:

  • Register for the Blackboard Study Abroad page.
  • Read the Study Abroad Manual.
  • Check the list with Partner universities and select universities with places available for your study programme.Read the Study Abroad Manual.
  • Select three Faculty partner universities and optionally, three UT Wide Partner universities.


To be able and allowed to study abroad you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled as a regular UT student and pay UT tuition fee.
  • Pre-requisite: 90EC registered at 1 August, including a successfully completed first year (60EC) of your study programme (Bachelor students only).
  • 60EC registered at 1 March (Bachelor students only)

There are additional requirements if you wish to study at a Non-Partner university or if you want to study at a Partner university of another UT study programme. Please consult the Study Abroad Manual.


To apply for an exchange semester, you need to fill in the application form(s) before the deadline (15 February 2017). You can apply by registering in Mobility Online.

Important dates:

  •  15 February 2017: Application deadline for UT Wide Partner universities.
  •  15 February 2017: Application deadline for Faculty Partner universities.
  •  20 March 2017: Results selection Faculty Partner universities.


In order to conduct a fair selection procedure, the participating students will be divided into four groups based upon academic performance; CGPA & the number of credits registered.

For an overview of the groups and the group criteria, please consult the Study Abroad Manual.