preparation & selection of courses

You will be informed about the outcome of the selection procedure after 17 February 2017 for UT Wide Partner universities and after 20 March for the Faculty Partner universities. The University of Twente will nominate you to the Partner university, you will receive a copy of this e-mail.

After this e-mail has being sent, it is time for you to start the application procedure of the Partner university and to compose a package of courses that you would like to follow during your exchange semester.

Application to the Partner university

After the nomination e-mail that will be submitted by the University of Twente, the Partner university will contact you with information about its application procedure. Follow the instructions carefully!

Selection of courses (Learning Agreement)

Carefully select courses that you would like to follow at the Partner university. Make sure that the Partner university of your choice offers a sufficient amount of suitable courses.

Take the following guidelines into consideration when composing your Learning Agreement:

The form for request for Course Approval can be downloaded from the Study Abroad Canvas Page.