Practical Information

practical information

Once you are accepted by the Partner university, there are other aspects that need to be arranged before your departure.


Several Partner universities offer a Housing service or support to help you find accommodation. Most of these rooms are furnished, which may lead to higher accommodation costs than you are used to. Arranging accommodation is always your own responsibility.


Prior to departure, it is recommended to check the coverage of your health insurance and to check whether you are insured when living abroad. The University of Twente has entered into a liabilit and travel insurance for all students and employees. This insurance is free, application can be arranged via this website

Registration UT HEALth insurance

The University of Twente has an online system that is designed to keep track of the location of the UT students, in case of an emergency. It is mandatory to register your stay in the UT's International Registration. The links to these systems are accessible via this webiste 

Health and Safety

Before departure, check whether you need any vaccinations or other medical preparations for your stay abroad. Also, keep an eye on the official travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The UT does not allow you to travel to a destination with a 'negative' advice.

Visa and Passport

Depending on your destination, you might need to arrange a visa. Explore how to apply for visa and which documents are needed. Keep in mind that strict deadlines are involved for the visa application. Also, make sure that your travel document (ID card or Passport) is valid for at least three months after you planned arrival to the Netherlands.

Financial Matters

You can apply for a scholarship. Information on eligibility and application can be found here. The scholarship application is part of your study abroad registration in Mobility Online. You can apply for a scholarship after you have been officially accepted by the host university!

Furthermore, you can choose to convert your OV Chip Card into a financial compensation during your stay abroad. Consult the DUO website for the procedure.