Data Collection

Survey Server

IGS Datalab offers researchers and students of the University of Twente the soft- and hardware to collect data through online surveys on its own secure server.


The software package IGS Datalab offers is LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey is an easy to learn and use software package that offers a vast range of options in terms of question formats, routing, unique respondent tokens etc. Moreover, the software allows its users to program any type of item in html. Detailed information on the software can be found here, a series of short tutorials on the basics of creating a survey, as well as an introduction into routing and tailoring surveys can be found in the Manuals section on the right of this page. A 6 minute tutorial on how to create a survey is available here.

How does it work?

The IGS Datalab Survey Server is available through web-access. This means that, once you have an account, you can access the server from any computer with an internet connection. There is no need to install any software on your own computer. This allows you to create and edit your survey, or view the responses from any location you like.

How to request an account?

The IGS Datalab Survey Server is available to both researchers and students of the University of Twente. Accounts can be requested on a project-basis.

  • Researchers can request an account by filling out the IGS Datalab Data Contract that can be found here. Once completed, please do not forget to print and sign the contract and to return this signed hard copy to the IGS Datalab.
  • Students can use the facilities, fill out and print the contract but the supervisor needs to sign the IGS Datalab Data Contract.


IGS Datalab requires researchers and students that want to use this facility to store their data after completion of the project in a secure and sustainable manner. This means that you are required to either deposit your data at the Dutch Data Archive DANS, the Dutch Dataverse Network, or to store your data at the IGS Datalab. IGS Datalab encourages both researchers and students to share their data via open access whenever possible.


LimeSurvey is a powerful and versatile survey system. To a new user, it can seem overwhelming. IGS Datalab provides support for the LimeSurvey server through a series of manuals, which can be found in the column on the right. The manuals will help you deal with some common situations, and should get you on the road to using LimeSurvey efficiently and effectively. Please note that the manuals are based on a slightly older version of LimeSurvey. The current software may differ in some respects, but not by much.

If the manuals here do not answer your question(s), more detailed manuals can be found on the LimeSurvey website, or you can contact our SurveyServer team for specific questions.