Our Partners


Dimence Groep offers mental health care, welfare and social services in the east of the Netherlands. At the Dimence Groep, care is organized into a number of skilled, partly smaller foundations, each with its own target group. More than 2,800 employees work for more than 50,000 clients per year at the Dimence Group foundations.

Minddistrict is an ehealth platform that offers online modules, diaries and questionnaires. Healthcare organisations use the platform and catalogue to provide digitally enabled therapy to their clients.

Collaboration Multisensory Design course  

We would like to thank all the talented students from the University of Twente that worked with us on the compassionate technology project, in particular the students that participated in the two editions of the Multisensory Design course (in 2020-2021, 2021-2022) and explored sensory design requirements for Compassionate Technology. We thank the students for their creative projects and visuals, and for allowing us to showcase them in the slideshow at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to:

Adam Meijer, Andries WIjnveen, Coos Pot, Leyla van Ligtenberg, Naomi van Stralen, Sweta Balumurali, Fredrika Åström, Joep Eijkemans, Amanda Kullberg, Rinalds Kugis, Elisa Nguyen, Nora Tunc, Emma Brouwer, Timo Lempers, Nathan Doornenbal, Alexandre Carqueja, Cristina Mach Llanos, Marion Laussegger, Michelle Buis, Mika van Duijn, Puck Kemper, Daniela van Meggelen, Hannah Ottenschot, Jasper Peetsma, Shuyu Chen, Charlotte Hak, Jiangpengchen Kang, Melike Oğuz, Tim Yeung, Rayhan Aryoseno Bayuaji, Carolien van den Bosch, Casper Hazebroek, Dieuwke Haagsma, Mirre van den Bos, Thomas van den Berg, Yfke Dotinga.