It is possible, with the exception of the Examination Board BME, to carry out a master's graduation assignment outside the UT. However, for external graduation, you need explicit permission from the Examination Board BME. If you would like to graduate externally, you can submit a request to do so to the Examination Board BME.

The request must be submitted to the BME Examination Board before the start of the final master's assignment and must at least comply with the following documents:

  • A well-founded request;
  • The description of the assignment;
  • The description of the company where the assignment is to be carried out;
  • A statement showing that there is a cooperation agreement with the UT and the company;
  • An outline of how the supervision of the assignment will look like;
  • An agreement of the chairman of the master assignment committee on the supervision of the assignment.

Check the meeting schedule of the board of examiners for the deadline for submitting your request.

Request Examination Board BMT-BME
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