Exemption from one or more complete educational units

Exemption from one or more complete educational units

Before starting your BMT study programme you may have made a start on a different higher education course or have already completed it. If you have already passed certain exams in the other programme, you can request exemption for these subjects. If you think you are entitled to more than one exemption on the basis of your previous education, your previous education will be integrally assessed by the study advisor. The exemptions resulting from this assessment are determined by the Examination Board.

Before applying to the Examination Board, students should discuss this with the study advisor and substantiate it with formal evidence: diploma, learning objectives, information on acquired competencies/skills. Only exemption for a complete educational unit (module in the bachelor's programme and unit in the master's programme) is possible.


The application must be provided with the following addition:

Check the meeting schedule of the examination board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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