Curriculum overview 2018-2019

BME Master Programme 2018-2019

Research groups

The BME programme is based on the research themes of the TechMed Center, the research centre for Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine. BME students choose a course list together with their graduation professor from one of the TechMed center research groups*. Finally the chosen course lists:

Each list has to conform to the following minimum requirements:

All tracks are constructed in the following way:
Master year 1:
- 30 EC compulsory (6 courses green)
- 15 EC electives from a pre-structured group of elective courses (blue)
- 15 EC free choice of electives (yellow see pre-approved electives). If students and their graduation professor would like to include any other courses that are outside the core BME curriculum, the student can submit this list for approval to the Board of Examiners. Please include a motivation for the selected course(s) and how these will relate to the final qualifications as a Biomedical Engineer. Where possible, also include information on how the courses will contribute toward the master’s thesis.
- Master year 2: internship of 15 EC and master thesis of 45 EC. 

The tracks as of September are:

-              Bioengineering Technologies

-              Imaging and in Vitro Diagnostics

-              Physiological Signals and Systems

-              Biorobotics. This track offers 2 variations:

                o             BioRobotics - Design (with a stronger emphasis on design)

                o             BioRobotics - Robotics (with a stronger emphasis on robotics)

These proposals have yet to be formally stipulated. Students that started before September 2018 with their master, can finish their master according to the agreements made at the start of their Master's programme. If they prefer to change their course list, they are advised to contact the BME study advisor, Anneloes Dummer.

*with two additional MESA+ groups: MTG & BMEL.

Bioengineering Technologies track

Imaging and In Vitro Diagnostics track  

Physiological Signals and Systems track

Biorobotics track (design variant)

The orange coloured courses are examples of the free electives students can choose 

Biorobotics track (robotics variant)

The orange coloured courses are examples of the free electives students can choose

Pre-Approved Free Electives

NB. These courses are part of other BME tracks or other MSc programmes. Always check your eligibility and entry requirements in Osiris before choosing these courses as free electives.