Validity of test results

Rules Board of Examiners / OER

Article 10.6 Rules Board of Examiners, Article 4.6 general TNW OER

The validity period of a successfully passed examination is unlimited. The period of validity of a successfully passed examination can only be limited if the examined knowledge or insight is demonstrably outdated, or the examined skills are demonstrably outdated. The examination board of BME adds that in cases where results are available for more than 6 years, there is a mandatory content check for outdated understanding or knowledge.

What should you motivate (as much as possible) in your request?

-          Why do you need an extension on the validity of your results?
-          Which courses you did you take?
-          In case of changed courses, how do you still meet the learning objectives of the Master BME?

Which information do you need to provide?

-          Study progress overview
-          Study plan
-          Information on the abtained results, including course code, test date and if possible the learning objectives from the course. 

We advise you to send your request before submission to the study advisers for feedback. When you have any doubts about your request, please discuss with one of the study advisers before making a request. 

Check the meeting schedule of the Examination Board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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