Not meeting the starting requirements for a study unit

Rules Board of Examiners / OER

Article 9 BME OER

There is a structure and logic in the order of the master’s programme. If you would like to deviate from this structure and/or are not meeting the starting requirements for one of the units (for example the internship or the master’s assignment), you can send in a request to the Board of Examiners.

What should you motivate (as much as possible) in your request?

  • What is your situation and why do you want to deviate from the rules?
  • What problems do you face if you are obliged to follow the starting requirements?
  • How much would your studies be delayed?
  • How are you going to deal with the open subject(s)?
  • How is the open subject relevant to the continuation of your studies?

Which information do you need to provide?

  • Motivation
  • Study progress overview
  • Concerning the internship: a written and/or signed confirmation of the internship supervisor that they agree on this plan or this order is necessary
  • Concerning the assignment: a written and/or signed confirmation of the BSc or MSc assignment supervisor concerned, if he/she agrees with this plan

We advise you to send your request before submission to the study advisers for feedback. When you have any doubts about your request, please discuss with one of the study advisers before making a request. 

Check the meeting schedule of the Examination Board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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