Judicium ‘Met lof’ (cum laude)

Rules Board of Examiners / OER

Article 11 of the Rules Board of Examiners

The conditions for graduating with honours (Cum Laude) have been determined for each programme separately. The examination board checks if the student meets all the conditions the educational programme states. If Cum Laude can be granted this will be stated on the certificate and the supplement. The students does not need to send a request.

If a student does not fulfil all the specific conditions, but nevertheless thinks that he/she qualifies for Cum Laude, the student or the programme director can submit a request to the examination board.

What should you motivate (as much as possible) in your request?

-          The specific and exceptional abilities and circumstances of the student’s achievement
-          What makes you not meeting the standard requirements?

Which information do you need to provide?

-          Motivation
-          Study progress overview

We advise you to send your request before submission to the study advisers for feedback. When you have any doubts about your request, please discuss with one of the study advisers before making a request. 

Check the meeting schedule of the Examination Board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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