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Rules Board of Examiners / OER

Article 9 rules Board of Examiners

A the student may be allowed to take the master's examination based on an alternative set of examination components proposed by the student themselves (a free master’s programme as outlined in WHW Art. 7.3h – please also refer to Article 16 of the programme supplement).

When a student wishes to compose a free Bachelor or Master programme it needs to be discussed with and approved by the programme management (programme director and/or study advisor) before sending in the request to the examination board. When the programme consists of courses from different degree programmes, according to the Act the examination board has to confirm to which degree programme the free programme belongs.

What should you motivate (as much as possible) in your request?

-          What makes this free programme relevant to you?
-          What causes the normal curriculum requirements not to be met?
-          What is the relevance of the proposed programme?
-          How do you assure that you will meet the final endterms of the master programme?

Which information do you need to provide?

-          Motivation
-          All subjects, including the learning objectives and ECs
-          Signed and/or written approval of the programme director

We advise you to send your request before submission to the study advisers for feedback. When you have any doubts about your request, please discuss with one of the study advisers before making a request. 

Check the meeting schedule of the Examination Board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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