Double Master

Rules Board of Examiners / OER

Some students want to combine two UT Master studies. Plans for two Master's programmes require the approval of both Boards of Examiners. Such a combined programme usually consists of 90 EC subjects, an extended master's assignment and an internship. The final assignment must have the characteristics of both programmes. So, a double master is a three-year (180 EC) programme that meets the requirements of both master's programmes.

 Are you interested in a second master? Then please contact the study advisor ( or make an appointment ( to discuss your options, and to make sure you meet the requirements before submitting your application to the BME Examination Board.

What should you motivate (as much as possible) in your request?

1.       Handing in the course list
-          Why would you like to do a double degree?
-          What are your global plans for graduation, and why do you need/want to do both masters?
-          Which professor(s) are willing to support and supervise your plans?
2.       Before the combined internship:
-          Where would you like to go?
-          How will you ensure the BME level of the internship?
-          How will you meet the BME learning objectives and requirements of the internship?
3.       Before the combined assignment:
-          What are your more specified plans?
-          How will you combine both studies?
-          How will you ensure the BME level of the assignment?
-          How will you meet the BME learning objectives and end terms of the assignment?

Which information do you need to provide?

1.       Around the start of the double degree:
-          Signed course list (excel sheet from study advisers)
-          Approval (by signature) of a BME professor of these plans
2.       Before the start of the combined internship:
-          Content of the internship
3.       Before the start of the combined assignment:
-          Content of the assignment
-          The BME level
-          The members of the graduation committee

We advise you to send your request before submission to the study advisers for feedback. When you have any doubts about your request, please discuss with one of the study advisers before making a request. 

Check the meeting schedule of the Examination Board for the deadline for submitting your request.

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