BSc-EE thesis


Below you can find more info regarding registration, committee requirements, assessment and applying for the degree. 

Requirements for the EE BSc thesis committee

The official requirements are in article B6 of the EER BSc EE:

Examiners are appointed by the examination board of a faculty. For the purpose of the BSc thesis, the examiner list of EE is available upon request via

Format BSc thesis reports

Student & supervisor together choose between the following formats:

Please email your finished thesis to the members of your BSc committee. After getting a sufficient degree, you must upload your thesis in (double-check confidentiality with your supervisor). For more information, see this link: After you have uploaded your thesis, your supervisors and BOZ receive an automatically generated e-mail. Your thesis will be available on UT student Theses in three working days and will be linked to your file in the UT archive.

Format talks & questions

The EE bachelor presentations are normally held on the last Friday of the module; in Q1, Q2 and Q3 the student is supposed to pick time and place with his committee. In Q4 we will have a conference-like schedule, with 35 minutes for every student: 15 minute talks + 20 minutes for questions from committee and audience.

On-campus presentations: There are 5 minutes between slots to set up the next presentation and audience leaving/entering the room. If possible, upload your presentation before your session, or check out the room how to connect your laptop to the system. The chair moderates talks and questions, and coordinates the timing. The exact program of the end conferences will be announced in about a month before the actual date.

Off-campus presentations: This can be done if an on-campus presentation is not possible due to the circumstances. For the presentation you can choose your favourite online tool, e.g. BlueJeans or MS teams allowing you to invite family and friends. If needed, we can help set up an online platform. In any case, please send the time and link of your presentation to the module coordinator ( so we can upload it to Canvas.


After your presentation and questions, the committee will give you 3 grades, namely for:

In order to pass the module, you must have sufficient grades (≥5.5) for all three parts. Below you can download the assessment form including the criteria. BOZ supplies filled-in forms to all committees, personalized for every student.

follow-up: getting your diploma

In order to get a BSc diploma, students must apply for a Bachelor’s degree with the Office of Educational Affairs (BOZ). Students can apply all year round. In order to receive your BSc diploma you will need to submit the BSc diploma form to

The Office of Educational Affairs will assess whether all the conditions for obtaining the degree have been met. A collective EEMCS Bachelor's graduation ceremony will take place on 25 & 26 October 2024. Further information on this will follow in due time. 


The module runs all year and is coordinated by Floris Zwanenburg and Module Support EE. You can reach us via