(Preparing for) End conference day

1. Report

Details regarding formats of the report are here.

2. Abstract book

This year we want to draw up an abstract book again. This will be bundled and printed for the day of the end presentations. You can find more information on the module 12 Canvas page, together with the format to use for this and the deadline for submission.

3. End presentations

This year it will take place on Friday July 5, 2024. We advise everyone to finish with their presentation that day, if there is no significant delay. 

We will draw up a presentation program for this day. We will have a conference-like schedule, with 35 minutes for every student: 15 minutes for the presentation + 20 minutes for questions from committee and audience. There are 5 minutes between the timeslots to set up the next presentation and audience leaving/entering the room. If possible, upload your presentation before your session, or check out the room how to connect your laptop to the system. The chair moderates presentations and questions, and coordinates the timing. The exact program of the end conference will be announced in about a month before the actual date on the M12 Canvas page.

We ask the assessment committee to hand you your grades and a copy of your assessment form after the last presentation(s) of that day. If this is impossible for practical reasons, please agree with your supervisor on a suitable moment.

4. Prizes

There will be 2 prizes, to be awarded with € 50,- each.

The prize winners will be announced at the end of the day, during the After Party!