Summary procedure final project


The student should get acquainted with the ongoing research in the chairs of Embedded Systems (ICD, SCS, CAES, DACS, PS, RaM, FMT). See


Three months before the start of the final thesis the student gets in touch with a staff member for a final thesis (based on the research interest of the student).


Educational affairs must have the individual study programme of the student before the start of the individual project. The form is on:


The student starts with the final project preparation (10 ec; course code 201600017) as preparation for the final project (30 ec).


At the start of the final project the first supervisor will compose a thesis committee with at least three members with (a) one or two of the members from the research group where the research is conducted, (b) one member from another research group related to the embedded system master.


Within a month after the start of the final project a description of the master thesis project must be sent to educational affairs. The form is on:


Four weeks before the thesis defense the thesis committee sends “green light” to educational affairs and the student has to contact educational affairs.


One week before the thesis defense the committee receives a pdf and a hard copy of the final thesis.


Your master thesis report must be uploaded in a central database. See:


At the graduation ceremony the student has approximately 30 minutes to present his/her work and 15 minutes for Questions & Answers. Finally the student receives (probably) the diploma.

Details in Rules, documents, forms

Major revisions

- 30 June 2016: the individual project (10 ec; course code 191211749) is replaced with final project preparation (10 ec, 201600017)