Water Engineering & Management (WEM)

The two chair groups “Water Management” and “Marine and Fluvial Systems” are part of the Twente Water Centre. Our mission is to do research and provide education in the areas of water systems and management. The aim is to increase our understanding of the natural processes in water systems and the socio-economic processes that affect these systems, and to develop tools that can effectively be used to support the management of rivers, river basins, seas and coastal zones.

In our view, water-related problems such as flooding, water scarcity, pollution and ecological deterioration can only be solved through a multi-disciplinary approach, which involves both knowledge of engineering and expertise from the natural, social and policy sciences.

Chair groups

- Water Management (prof.dr.ir. Arjen Y. Hoekstra)

- Marine and Fluvial Systems (prof.dr. Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher)

Latest news

New research project funded (2/2): Historic floods

Design standards for flood protection in deltas require magnitude estimates of extreme (millennial) floods. The Dutch Delta Programme considers a design discharge of 18,000 m3/s an appropriate upper value for the Rhine River at the German-Dutch border. ... read more

New research project funded (1/2): SEAWAD

The Dutch coastal zone is prone to flooding. The Netherlands has chosen to protect the coast by means of soft adaptive solutions such as (mega) nourishments with the aim of maintaining the coastline. At present the sediment volume in the Wadden Sea coastal zone is ... read more

Sediment exchange between beach and sea

The swash zone is the region where waves run up and down on the beach, so where the bed state continuously alters from submerged to exposed. Characterized by thin water layers, the sediment dynamics in the swash zone are extremely difficult to measure and ... read more

Thirsty flowers

Flower farms around Lake Naivasha, Kenya source their irrigation water more and more from groundwater, since lake levels keep on falling. ... read more

Field work Lianne van der Weerd on television (TV West)

TV West caught Lianne when she was surveying the dune evolution near the Zandmotor, a peninsula-shaped mega-nourishment at the Dutch west coast. ... read more

Veni grant for Bas Borsje

We are pleased to announce that NWO granted Bas Borsje a VENI scholarship. This personal grant enables him to do 4 years of research in the field of nature-based flood defence at the group of Water Engineering and Management ... read more

WEM MSC student experiments with the wind at Oerol festival (Terschelling)

Doing research at a festival is not common business for water engineering students. Nevertheless, Elise Leusink is conducting experiments during this week’s Oerol festival at Terschelling. Within the project ‘Stuiflab’ ... read more