Honorary Doctorates

The University of Twente believes in the importance of paying tribute to people who have carried out work of exceptional scientific or social merit. A special way to show our appreciation for these leading lights is by means of an honorary doctorate. This is a doctoral degree conferred on individuals who have shown an exceptional achievement in the world of science or in society at large, without having written a thesis on their work. It is an exceptional honour which makes leading scientists and entrepreneurs lifetime ambassadors for the University of Twente.

Honorary doctors during the awards

These honorary degrees are awarded as part of the university’s Dies Natalis celebrations. A recipient of the doctorate may then use the title doctor honoris causa and put the letters Dr.h.c. in front of his or her name. Honorary supervisors designated by the faculty or school are also in attendance at the award ceremony.

The following exceptional individuals have been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Twente:

mr. Henri Termeer MBA 25 november 2011

dhr. Jamie Hyneman (samen met dhr. Adam Savage) 25 november 2011

prof.dr. Wolfgang Knoll 25 november 2011

mw. prof.dr. Helga Nowotny Ph.D. 25 november 2011

dhr. Adam Savage (samen met dhr. Jamie Hyneman) 25 november 2011

mw.prof. Ora Kedem 30 november 2007

dr. Gerard Holzmann 1 december 2006

mw.prof.dr. Sheila Sen Jasanoff 1 december 2006

prof.dr. Sung Wan Kim 1 december 2006

prof.dr. James Fraser Stoddart 1 december 2006

prof. Anthony Giddens 29 november 2002

prof.dr. George Whitesides 30 november 2001

dr. Vinton Cerf 30 november 2001

prof.dr. Manuel Castells 30 november 2001

prof. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa 29 november 1996

mr.drs. Marten Oosting 29 november 1996

prof.dr. Jean-Marie Lehn 29 november 1991

The following honorary doctors are deceased:

prof. R.M. Needham 29 november 1996

dr.J.A.P.G. Boot 29 november 1996

prof.dr. H.I. Ansoff 29 november 1991

prof.dr. A.D. de Groot 29 november 1991

prof. W.J. Kolff M.D., Ph.D. 28 november 1986

prof.dr. A.J. Staverman 28 november 1986

prof.mr.dr. B.V.A. Röling 27 november 1981

prof. F.J. Zuiderweg 27 november 1981

dr. H. Reinoud 27 november 1981

Honorary doctors