The PhotoCatalytic Synthesis (PCS) group

The PCS (PhotoCatalytic Synthesis) group is part of the MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology and the faculty of science and technology of the University of Twente. The research program is aimed at the development of innovative materials and concepts for photo- and electrocatalytic reactions with high efficiency.

The focus of the research program is on the conversion of solar or electrical energy into chemical energy, i.e. to drive thermodynamically uphill reactions such as the conversion of CO2 and the splitting of water. The research activities of PCS are an integral part of the ambitions of the MESA+ institute to contribute to the energy transition of The Netherlands and Europe, with focus on the design, development and optimization of materials, interfaces and devices.

Furthermore, the PCS group focuses on purification of waste streams, including contaminated water or air. Solutions based on both, electrocatalytic (water) and photocatalytic technology (water and air), are developed.

Finally, industrial chemistry is included in the research portfolio, with emphasis on methane activation (photocatalysis) and chlorate production (electrochemistry).

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