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ECHOGRANT for Michel Duits

Success in the NWO-CW open competition on Excellent Chemical Research (ECHO)! A budget of 260 kEu for a PhD project was granted to Dr. Michel Duits (PI) and Prof. Stefan Luding from the Multi-Scale Mechanics group. The research will be aimed at understanding the effect of particle surface roughness on the dynamics of concentrated suspensions. ... read more

Congratulations dr. Mishra!

On Friday, October 28th, Kartikeya Mishra successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Electrically tunable optofluidic lenses: fabrication and characterization”. In his thesis Kartikeya describes the possibilities to shape fluid lenses by applying electric fields. If you do that in the right way al kind of lens aberrations can be minimized or even completely suppressed. ... read more

Special lecture of Prof.dr. Hans Zappe

Adpative Optics.
On Friday, October 28, Prof. Hans Zappe from the IMTEK Institute at the University of Freiburg will provide a colloquium with the title: "Two- and three-dimensional optofluidics". The lecture will take place at 13.30 pm in room ZH 286. ... read more

MESA+ strategic research impulse project PCF Frieder Mugele, SFI Rob Lammertink and PCS Guido Mul

Fundamental aspects of photocatalysis: Photocatalysis is one of the key enabling technologies on the way towards a cleaner planet. It enables a direct conversion of energy from sunlight into chemical compounds and it allows for removing toxic organic compounds from polluted water. ... read more

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