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Electrowetting review breaks 1000 citations limit

Christophe Baret reached the landmark of 1000 citations according to ISI Web of Science. (At the same time, the article’s Google Scholar score is beyond 1600.) With an average citation rate of approximately 100 citations per year, it is the authorative review in a field that has been producing an average of approximately 150 publications per year throughout the last decade, with many additional publications in more technologically oriented journals not represented in ISI. ... read more

Numerical simulations of Nicolao Lima just appeared in the journal Optics Express

In this article, we describe the novel concept of an electrostatically tunable adaptive liquid microlens with 100 individually addressable electrodes that generate an (almost) arbitrary distribution of electrical stresses on the liquid surface. This approach turns out to be very flexible and allows to address specific types aberrations (spherical, cylindrical, coma) individually by choosing appropriate excitation patterns of the electrodes. The numerical implementation of the model enables a systematic parameter study to optimize the excitation patterns and – if combined with a feedback mechanism – should allow for online wavefront shaping. ... read more

Colloquium by Dr. Johannes Lutzenkirchen

Special lecture: February 10, 10.00-11.00 hrs, ZH286.
Title: Some experimental values on various silica-titania systems - Coupled second harmonic generation and streaming potential measurements - Column experiments on Teflon to elucidate the role of hydroxide ions at inert interfaces
Speaker: Dr. Johannes Lützenkirchen, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT),
Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung – INE
E-Mail: johannes.luetzenkirchen(at)
Web: ... read more

Defense Naveen Kumar, February 9th

On February 9th, Naveen Kumar will defend his dissertation entitled: “Surface Charge characterization of solid-liquid interfaces using Atomic Force Microscopy”. You are all cordially invited at the Waaierbuilding, Prof.dr. G. Berckhoffzaal at 16.45 pm. ... read more

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