Summer Schools

Summer Schools

University of Twente’s summer school: CuriousU

The CuriousU experience is a one-of-a-kind combination of an summer school and a festival. Our summer school package includes: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers. We’ve got it all. The last  edition of CuriousU in 2016 was a huge success with participants from 40 countries! Check out CuriousU and get inspired.

You wouldn’t want to miss it on 13 - 22 August, 2017. This is definitely the best summer school festival in Europe!

Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

The yearly summer programme organized by the NAHSS offers a group of talented multidisciplinary undergraduate students the chance to become fully aware of and able to capture the opportunities that arise on the Asian continent for the Netherlands. The summer programme consist of the following three components:

  • Academic programme; our students participate in an international summer school at an outstanding Asian university in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong or Taipei for five weeks.
  • Business programme; they visit multinational corporations in both the Netherlands and Asia. Next to that, the participants conduct research and work on a project for one of our appreciated partners.
  • Cultural programme; the NAHSS offers a Chinese language and culture course during the preparatory trail in the Netherlands. Beside that, the so-called buddy programme links our students one-on-one to an Asian student for cultural insights and excursions during their stay in Asia.

The business and cultural week in Shanghai (the final week of the NAHSS programme in Asia) combines these three factors by facilitating our students to work on their project and academically structure their research, visiting Asian and Dutch companies and organizing cultural excursions. Next to that, all participants gather together in Shanghai this week, which stimulates them to exchange their experiences among each other to complete their Asia-experience.

Application for NAHSS 2017
The deadline for application is 15 January 2017

Other summer schools / programmes

AEGEE Summer University

AEGEE-Europe, the European student association, organizes Summer Universities which are student exchange programmes that take two or three weeks.

Fulbright Center: Summer Schools in the USA

The Fulbright Center offers students the opportunity to participate in a US summer programme free of charge (information in Dutch only).

KAIST: International Summer School

KAIST invites you to come and experience innovative teaching and the blending of cultures at KAIST this summer at the 2017 KAIST International Summer School Program. This experience will most-definitely broaden your cultural understanding, deepen your intellectual capacity, and expand your network of friendships. 

Track 1: Students may select up two courses listed on the website and/or opt for a special course: a 1 week course K-School course called "Understanding Startups"; an entrepreneurship class that will help students better understand business startups. 

Track 2: Students can follow a 4-week research oriented program.

Application starts 3 January 2017.

Linköping University: International Summer Academy

The Linköping University Summer Academy will give international students an opportunity to study in Sweden for one month, choose from a number of high-quality courses and gain cultural insights together with other students from all over the world.

Saxion: Summer School

Saxion University of Applied Sciences offers a range of summer courses for both Dutch and International Students. The summer courses will help students to develop themselves to a higher level in terms of their personal growth at bachelor level.

Sciences Po Lille: Summer School

The Sciences Po Lille 2017 Summer School proposes an innovative programme around 2 tracks:

  • International - EU Affairs
  • French Language & Society 

Explore your interests in one of our four focus areas on International and European affairs, including issues such as the crisis in Climate change, European identity and values. The courses in French language aim to enhance and perfect their language skills as well provide some understanding of the contemporary aspects of French society.

Most of courses are conducted by world-renowned International professors and researchers in their respective domains of expertise.

Registration begins: Monday 30 January 2017

In order to apply, please visit the application website of the summer school.

More information can be found in the digital borchure.

Southern Federal University: Magisterium Summer school

Southern Federal University is organizing the Magisterium Summer school. The Magisterium school mission is to empower the students to use their minds creatively, to overcome conventional thinking and transform it from convergent, linear into divergent, creative, to improve debating skills.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: International Summer School

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University organises an international summer school, where you can:

  • Learn Chinese culture in a genuine Chinese way and actually experience it
  • Explore Chinese culture without knowing Chinese
  • Learn about ancient China and experience the vibrancy of contemporary China simultaneously
  • Visit the world’s famous cultural heritage sites in China under the guidance of expert academics
  • Meet new friends from different backgrounds
Tilburg University: Summer School

Tilburg University Summer School is designed for students from all over the world.

The Summer School offers:

  • Academic growth during intensive academic summer courses
  • Official credits (2 to 12 ects)
  • Unique experience of meeting people from all over the world
  • Over 50 nationalities
  • Exploring the Metherlands together during the social program
  • Accommodation near the campus
  • Personal focus and atmosphere
  • Guidance of buddies