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BMS masters scoren opnieuw goed in de Keuzegids

The Master programmes of the BMS faculty score well again in the Keuzegids. The programmes Industrial Engineering and Management and Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences can call themselves Topopleiding. 

Marco Schutten, Associate Professor Industrial Engineering and Management: “We are really pleased that we were able to prolong the top rated status of our master programme and that both our bachelor and master programmes are top rated. Together with our teachers and students, we continuously try to improve our programmes. Getting the top rated status is a nice reward for this joint effort.”

Jean-Paul Fox, Associate Professor Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences:“ With great pride we can say that after the start in 2013 of the joint education program Methods and Statistics with the UU, we have once again achieved the predicate top education. It is nice to see how the passion for statistics and its applications to students from different cultures and teachers from different universities, creates a close group every year. This appreciation of the students also expresses the satisfaction of the achieved learning outcomes that we have all worked hard for.”

The University of Twente has retained her second place in the Keuzegids Masters, as shown in the latest publication of the studiekeuzegids. Last year the UT made a big step compared to the other Dutch universities, and succeeded in maintaining the level of appreciation. The score of 67, compared to 67.5 in 2018, means a second place in the ranking of the 13 Dutch universities: just behind Wageningen UR and two points above number three, the TU/e.