Casual Multimedia Process Annotations

* 14 mei, 13.15 uur

promotie Hartmut Benz, faculteit Informatica: Casual Multimedia Process Annotations — CoMPAs

Annotations are a widespread phenomenon throughout the written history of humankind and have been adopted in a multitude of computer systems. The marginalia in a book, yellow marker, or Post-ItTM are almost universal phenomena. However, computer annotations pose far greater challenges and opportunities than the recreation of pen-on-paper annotations.

Casual multimedia process annotations are a new type of annotations on the computer that allows users to annotate every type of multimedia document with multimedia comments. Even the process of work itself is annotatable because interactive application sessions are also treated as sources of multimedia data.

New to this type of annotations is that computer-based annotations must explicitly capture the presentation of the annotated document during the annotation. The highlighted text in a book never changes, but the presentation of an electronic document is flexible and can change drastically depending on which application presents it and how this application is configured.

Essential to capturing the presentation of a document or application is application-output recording and replay and the transient presentation schedule, which a user creates implicitly by interacting with the application.

Test users evaluated CoMPAs-annotations to be a very useful and flexible tool that enables them to talk about multimedia documents asynchronously in a way very similar to a direct discussion.


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