Groupware: nieuwe ontwerpbenadering

30 Mei 2002

Promotie C.R. Guareis de Farias, INF: ‘Architectural Design of Groupware Systems: a Component-Based Approach’

The technological advances of the last decade, such as the dissemination of personal computers and portable devices, and advent of the Internet, have brought many changes into our society. Computers have become essential working and entertainment tools of our lives. Yet most of the computer systems are targeted to single users, although most of our working tasks are likely to involve groups of people. Computer systems that provide support for groups of people engaged in a common task are called groupware systems. The development of groupware systems poses many different challenges related to both distributed systems and cooperative work. Many of these problems can be solved through the use of component-based technologies. This PhD thesis proposes a methodology for the architectural design of groupware systems using component technologies.

supervisor prof. dr. ir. C.A. Vissers
assistant-supervisor dr. M. van Sinderen
information drs. B. Meijering, telefoon (053) 489 43 85