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A new framework that will allow easy creation of Affective Retrieval of Information Assistants (ARIA agents) that are capable of holding multi-modal social interactions in challenging and unexpected situations. ... read more


The goal of AXES (Access to Audiovisual Archives) is to develop tools that provide various types of users with new engaging ways to interact with audiovisual libraries, helping them discover, browse, navigate, search and enrich archives. In particular, apart from a search-oriented scheme, we will explore how suggestions for audiovisual content exploration can be generated via a myriad of information trails crossing the archive. This will be approached from three perspectives (or axes): users, content, and technology. ... read more

BNCI: Horizon 2020

The Future of Brain/Neural Computer Interaction: Horizon 2020 ... read more


Exploring human-robot symbiotic interaction (HRSI) defined as the capacity of the robot and the person to mutually influence each other. ... read more