Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten: Remote Monitoring and Treatment

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Miriam Vollenbroek: Remote Monitoring and Treatment

PERSSILAA: PERsonalised ICT Supported Service for Independent Living and Active Ageing

PERSSILAA is a unique project that aims to develop and validate a new service model to screen for and prevent frailty in community dwelling older adults. ... read more


The MAGGY project envisions the integration of ambulant sensing of physical activities anytime and anywhere with ambulant game environments allowing intensive training and coaching during daily life that goes beyond the walls of the home or rehabilitation setting. ... read more


ACARE2MOVE: Towards cancer rehabilitation at home: telerehabilitation

Due to the rapid growth of cancer survivors in need of cancer rehabilitation it will be impossible to supply this service on a face-to-face basis to all patients in future. The aim of this project is to design, implement and evaluate a remote monitoring and treatment (RMT) service for patients with cancer who have undergone thoracic or abdominal surgery for lung, liver, esophageal, stomach, pancreatic, or colorectal cancer ... read more

AWARENESS: Context AWARE mobile NEtworks and ServiceS

Increasingly mobile devices, sensors and consumer electronics are equipped with (wireless) networking capabilities. These devices communicate via different types of networks, and together enable a complete new generation of applications: context aware and proactive applications. The AWARENESS project focuses on an infrastructure that enables rapid and easy development of context-aware and pro-active applications in a secure and privacy-conscious manner. ... read more

MYOTEL: Myofeedback based Teletreatment service

This project investigates the feasibility of the deployment of a prototype myofeedback based teletreatment service (MyoTel) that enables subjects with neck shoulder complaints to receive personalised adjusted remotely supervised treatment during their daily activities. The focus is on subjects with work related complaints (occupational health care) and patients with a chronic whiplash (rehabilitation care). ... read more