UTYoung AcademyYAT meeting: Team Science

YAT meeting: Team Science

Brilliant failures panel

Grant applications are an integral part of academia, yet the reality is that most applications are not successful. Some funding schemes even have rejection rates of 90%. Behind every triumph lies a trail of rejection letters, dashed hopes, and insights gained from failure. Our panelists will pull back the curtain on this often-overlooked aspect, offering honest reflections on their own unsuccessful grant applications. What did they learn from it? And how do they use these failures to their benefit? 

From unfair reviewer feedback to formal mistakes to crashed servers, our panelists will discuss their failures in grant applications. What are common pitfalls, and how to cope with rejection? Our panel (Derya Demirtas and Wiebe de Vos) aims to lift the stigma around unsuccessful grant applications and normalize setbacks. 

Central questions we will discuss:  

  • How do you manage the emotional toll of (repeated) setbacks and rejections? 
  • What did you learn from rejections and how ?
  • How do you efficiently and successfully recycle rejected applications?

Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a novice grant applicant, join us for a fun discussion that will help you on your journey towards grant success (or failure). 

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