There are a number of agreements which all the members of BTD are obliged to follow. These agreements make sure a good relationship between neighbors and guarantee all the plants in the garden are grown organically. Please read it carefully and stick to it.

1. Organic gardening
Chemical pesticides, poison, formicide and other environmental unfriendly chemicals or articles are strictly forbiden in BTD garden. The alternative methods to control pests and weed can be found in gardening tips Artificial fertilizer is also not permitted. Instead, we use manure and compost.

2. Composting
The green wastes from the plants are recycled as much as possible through composting. There are two green waste dumps. One dump is used for collecting the green waste which can be composted; the other dump is used for collecting the green waste which is not suitable for composting. Please read waste classification.

3. Garden maintenance
In order to avoid tension between the neighbors, each member is responsible to keep their own garden and the foot path on the right side weed-free. The board of BTD carries out garden inspections three times a year. In case a garden is addressed due to bad weed control, the owner of the garden must remove the weed as soon as possible. If you continue not to maintain the garden, despite our requests, the garden will be retracted. In this case, the deposit will not be refunded.

4: General maintenance
All members of BTD are expected to participate in the general maintenance of the garden complex. This is done through maintenance events, which are organized regularly. During a maintenance event you can, for example, clean the weeds from the main path, or help set up a compost heap. As a member, you are expected to participate at least twice a year and also the manure day. Maintenance events are announced through e-mails sent to all members. You can sign up for them with Hellen van de Water.