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To streamline the process for subsidy applications, there are several points the application must meet in advance:

  • The activity is organized by or for UT students or UT staff.
  • The activity benefits a group of UT students or an international group of scientists of reasonable size.
  • The organizing association and/or the participants in the activity also contribute their own financial contribution.
  • Participating students, if the activity is tied to a program or faculty, cannot earn study credits through participation.
  • The activity complies with the sustainability guidelines and the diversity and inclusivity policies as issued by the UT and the Student Union.
  • The application is submitted at least 2 months before the start of the activity.
  • Payment of the guarantee or subsidy will only be made when all obligations have been met.

These points can be read in more detail in our Subsidy Terms and Conditions 2023.

Make sure to have a readable budget in PDF format ready to upload on the last page of your application. Provide insight into the revenues and expenses of the activity, with a brief explanation. Ensure that the budget balances.

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