UR 09-275 Bijlage bij conceptbesluit

Bijlage bij Conceptbesluit UR 09 - 275


“De norm van 25 procent vrouwelijke hoogleraren in 2010 gaat Nederland niet halen. Dat blijkt uit de donderdag gepresenteerde Monitor Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren. Het old boys network is in de wetenschap nog te machtig”. (Volkskrant, 2 oktober 2009 door Marjon Bolwijn)

Nederland is bijna in de “Bottom line” van de Europese landen.

Graphic: Percentage vrouwelijke hoogleraren in de EU

UT situation

In despite of the programmes and initiatives performed by the CvB and other groups at the University at this regard, the number of female UHD has not raised enough to reach the promised institutional targets. Therefore, we, URaad members, believe that some additional actions should be implemented including the evaluation with a critical feedback of the former ones.

Therefore, the URaad advice is divided between current and proposed activities/programmes in order to keep the goals of 2013 in a growing trend by assuming that the 2010 goals would be achieved, anyway.

Current activities at UT:

Evaluate and provide feedback to the “Ambassadeursnetwerk’s and FFNT en OBP’s programmes by pointing out the main constrains encountered and detect adequate drivers during implementation.

Enhance the awareness programme, this should cover the management (mainly) and also the professorship group.

Additional activities:

Identify the talented candidates to be included in the tenure track programme who work already for UT. This should be additionally to the efforts of attracting external talented women..

Under the philosophy of “more role models for attracting more women”, this brings the suggestion to explore to what extend the type of the “mentorenprogramma” can be used to “train” female candidate(s) who are strong candidates to become dean or rector in the future.

Operationally it is advised to:

Look at the good experiences of other universities in the Netherlands. In the case of Delft, they doubled the number of UHD in 2 years (from 8 to 16).

Integrate the efforts at UT which have been done by UT female organizations with the academic staff researching on gender topics.

List of UT specialists doing research related to gender or diversity topics:

MB: Joy Clancy, Laura Franco, Carla Millar, Ariane Need, Ellen van Oost,
Annemarie Ridder, Sawitri Saharso;

GW: Mieke Boon, Karin Sanders;

CTW: Suzanne Hulscher, Annemieke Raven, Margot Stilma;

C&S: Julie Bytheway;

PA&O: Monique Duyvestijn.