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General information

The University Council is the central employee participation body of the University of Twente and holds regular consultations with the Executive Board, allowing the University Council to influence or advise on University of Twente policy at central level. A report of what is discussed during the plenary meeting of the University Council and the Executive Board can be read in the University Council's newsletter. The Executive Board is the highest governing body of the University of Twente and consists of three members: a chairman, a vice-chairman and the rector magnificus.

The faculties are governed by multi-headed faculty boards. Our faculty boards consist of: the dean and the portfolio holders for education, research and operations. In addition, a student is part of the faculty board in the role of advisor (student-assessor). The faculty board is responsible for the general management and administration of the faculty. This includes organising the faculty for teaching, scholarship and contributing to the governance of the university.