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Central Election Commitee

The Central Election Commission, consisting of representatives from several faculties, departments and the Registry of the University Council, who met for the first time on 9 January this year. During this meeting, the election schedule for 2024 was agreed upon and a chairman and secretary were appointed from the committee.

The next meeting is scheduled for next March 14, at which the voters' register will be determined as an agenda item. The register will be available for inspection at the University council registry until 21 March 2024.

It is important to note that meetings of the Central Election Committee are public and all decisions taken are published on the website..

Contact persons per faculty or department:

- Irena Olde Engberink (UT-Registry UC) Chair 

- Anneke Kolhoop (UT-TNW) secretary

- Stefan Kooij (UT-TNW)

- Myriam Fahner (UT-ITC)

- Karin de Boer-Dirksen (UT-ET) 

- Dirk de Groot (UT-EEMCS) 

- Céline Heijnen (UT-EEMCS)

- Astrid de Graaf (UT-MC)

- Rik Reussing (UT-BMS) 

- Reinoud Joosten (UT-BMS)

- Willemijn Eendebak (UT-CES) 

It is important to note that the decentralised election committees of faculties and departments will not be abolished immediately. These will remain an essential part of the decentralised election process.