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Amplifying Your Voice and Impact Through Social Media Branding

The purpose of this workshop is to help the participants set up the vision for a social media presence that can aid them in their cause. It will help set the foundation to build a social media presence that benefits their goals. 

The workshop is somewhat design thinking flavoured, but it does not follow the exact sequence of the DT process. The idea of the workshop is that it not only focusses on the benefits of social media for the company but also focusses on understanding your audience. 

We will start the workshop by defining your brand, by word associations or values that represent your brand. Then, this can be used to formulate a brand message that can be communicated over social media. The next phase is identifying and empathizing your audiences. You will focus on one audience segment (for lack of time) and create personas for these segments. In this, you will not only try to identify who your audiences are but also what appeals to them, and they learn to understand how you can make your brand appeal to the designated audience segment. 

In the following phase, you will formulate your marketing goals for your social media presence. In the formulation of the goal, you will include the audience, their brand message and how they want the audience to interact with the brand (for example we want to spread the word of making an impact to students on campus to encourage them to make a change).

In the last phase, you will use the knowledge of the lasts phases to ideate content for your social media profiles. This content can be about anything, but it has to tie into a narrative that represents the brand message.

For this workshop, you need a pen and paper. 

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