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Resuming lab work

TOPSQUAD’s regular Ph.D.s/postdocs meetings started again with a lot of enthusiasm! The lab work is increasingly resumed, and the device fabrication has restarted at the University of Twente, University of Basel, and IST Austria. A first wafer has been processed by nanoPHAB and the first growth experiments of SAG Ge wires on selected samples on this wafer started today at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

During the meeting, Stavroula Menenakou (IST Austria), Simon Svab (University of Basel) and Zhen Wu (University of Twente) could share already their first device fabrication experiments using Ge hut wires and Ge/Si core/shell nanowires. The participants exchanged ideas and tips for the encountered fabrication process issues. Updates on running simulations and calculations and relevant publications have been shared as well. Altogether it was a very interactive meeting showing that all ingredients are present for a successful re-start of TOPSQUAD’s activity.