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Successful Conclusion of PXRNMS 2023: Exploring Frontiers in Multilayer Research

The International Conference on the Physics of X-ray and Neutron Multilayer Structures (PXRNMS 2023, held at the Himeji Convention Center from Oct. 11 to 13, 2023, brought together leading researchers, scientists and PhD students worldwide.

Organised by the Center for EUVL, Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry (LASTI) at Hyogo University and the Optical Design Laboratory at Tokyo Polytechnic University, the conference showcased cutting-edge research in multilayer coatings.


Several presentations and sessions pushed the boundaries of multi-layer growth possibilities, a core aspect of XUV optics research. Our XUV optics colleagues, including Marcelo Ackermann, Dennis IJpes, Parikshit Phadke, Atul Tiwari and Adele Valpreda, made important contributions. Their presentations covered frontiers of multiplayer growth and characterisation research, namely advances in polishing the ultrathin layers, the limits of interface structure characterisation and advanced applications of multilayer mirrors.

The results presented by XUV show the current status of interface engineering, which is crucial for the development of reflective optics for imaging and spectral analysis. Multilayer growth research is expected to continue to push the boundaries, especially in the area of reflective optics development: the core of XUV's research.

Dr. ir. Igor Makhotkin

The PXRNMS is the key conference for meeting scientists working in the field of multilayer coatings all over the world, discussing ideas and the status of the field.  

Dr. ir. Igor Makhotkin


  • Marcelo Ackermann¬†gave a presentation on solving and improving interfaces of soft X-ray multilayers.


  • Dennis IJpes: Synthesis and characterization of short and ultra-short W-based soft X-ray multilayers
  • Atul Tiwari: Thermally stable MoNx/Si1-xNx multilayer as substrate for XSW study of SMSI
  • Parikshit Phadke: Surface roughness by ion beams: is ballistics "be-all and end-all"?


Adele Valpreda: 'Resolving buried interfaces through low-energy ion scattering'.


The PXRNMS conference has its roots in XUV optics, with key persons such as Eric Louis and Fred Bijkerk in the program committee, and Igor Makhotkin representing XUV optics. The event was designed to bring together PhD students, young researchers and senior scientists from both academia and industry.