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PCF and PoF win Prestigious Veeco’s HarmoniX Research Grant

Figure 1: HarmoniX cantilever used to real-time quantitatively map elastic and dissipative forces during TappingModeTM imaging.

In a worldwide competition, Veeco, the world’s largest manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes selected 9 research proposals of leading groups in scanning probe microscopy to explore the potential of the novel imaging mode “HarmoniX” introduced by the company last summer. The HarmoniX mode was developed to provide precise maps of surface properties (elasticity, adhesion, dissipation) in real-time. In their successful proposal Sissi de Beer (PCF), Dirk van den Ende (PCF), Frieder Mugele (PCF), Bram Borkent (PoF) and Detlef Lohse (PoF) was chosen among 8 others as best in a worldwide competition.

When Veeco introduced their novel HarmoniX system, they challenged groups all over the world to come up with innovative research ideas to apply their new technique. PCF and PoF will use the grant to research the 2 big topics of discussion in Nanofluidics: oscillatory tip-sample interaction forces owing to nanoscale confined fluids and the properties of surface nanobubbles typically covering hydrophobic surfaces immersed into water.