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Programmes AP, CSE and AT explore educational innovation during work visit to Leuven

Last week, colleagues from the AP, CSE and AT programmes went on a work visit to Leuven.

The visit revolved around exploring and exchanging knowledge and experiences in the field of engineering education, a topic closely related to our work at FlexSciLabs.

Insights into Educational Innovation

An interesting topic that emerged during the visit is the development of engineering education, encompassing both engineering science and engineering technology. Active research is conducted in Leuven in this area, and valuable insights were shared with experts such as Wim van Petegem, Greet Langie, and Dorine Bruneel. Our delegation from Twente also contributed by presenting some of our projects and initiatives. Sissi de Beer, Stefan Kooij, Albert Wong, and Leonie Krab showcased their expertise respectively in FlexSciLabs, Learning Communities, Conceptual Modelling, and Skills-line.

Various topics were discussed during the meeting, including the transition from secondary education to university, the transition to the work field, and the changes in this process over the years. Topics such as education for Gen Z, diverse teaching methods, and the flexibility of education were also addressed.

A notable observation was the professionalisation step that Leuven has taken in organising educational innovation. In our faculty S&T, this is often driven by teachers and educational staff alongside their regular duties, while Leuven has formalised this in departments dedicated solely to the development of innovations and didactics in engineering education.

This work visit has inspired us and brought new perspectives in the field of educational innovation. We look forward to integrating the knowledge and insights gained into our practices and contributing to the further development of education at AP, CSE and AT.