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UT researcher Anique Bellos - Grob has received the KNAW Early Career Award

On Thursday, February 15, twelve young researchers from all fields of science received a KNAW Early Career Award. The award goes to early career researchers with innovative original ideas. The annual award consists of a sum of 15,000 euros and a work of art for each of the laureates. From the University of Twente (TechMed Centre), Anique Bellos-Grob received the award for her research on the use of innovative imaging in pelvic floor problems such as prolapse.

Pelvic floor

To determine where the pelvic floor symptoms come from, women are physically examined in the lying position. This is very strange because the complaints of prolapse and incontinence are mainly revealed in the standing position. This is why Bellos-Grob uses a standing MRI scanner in her research, so she can image the prolapse in the natural position.

The award

The KNAW Early Career Award consists of a cash prize of 15,000 euros. This sum may be spent by the laureates on their research careers as they see fit. Bellos-Grob will also receive the art object 'Extended Jewellery' by Laura Klinkenberg (1992). This is a brass screw with a 'twist'. The presentation of the KNAW Early Career Award will take place during a festive meeting at the KNAW Trippenhuis on 15 February 2024.

About Anique Bellos-Grob

Dr Anique Bellos-Grob is an assistant professor in the M3i research group of the S&T Faculty and the TechMed Centre. She also works as an outpatient technical physician in the gynaecology department of ZGT. Last year, there was an extensive interview with her in the University of Twente's Campus magazine. Source news release.

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