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UT spin-off NX Filtration to the stock exchange

On 11 June, NX Filtration went public on the Amsterdam stock exchange. With an issue of at least 30 percent of the new shares, the producer of water purification technology hopes to raise 150 to 160 million euro. This money will enable them to finance the enormous growth that is expected. The UT spin-off started on the stock market at 11.00 euro per share and a valuation of 550 million euro. At the close of trading yesterday, the share was valued at 13.30 euros.

The world market for water purification with membrane technology is growing rapidly, and the reuse of water is becoming increasingly important. The groundbreaking technology of the spin-off is more sustainable and faster than current purification techniques. In this way, medicine residues, the chemical PFAS and pesticides can also be filtered out in just one step in the process. With less energy consumption and without using chemicals.


Erik Roesink, professor by special appointment of membrane technology at the University of Twente and founder of NX Filtration, uses nanotechnology to purify water and liquids. Within three years, he wants to build a new factory in Twente, where there are already two factories. The new technology can help with the worldwide water shortage because it offers new possibilities for converting polluted drinking water into clean drinking water. In the longer term, NX Filtration wants to hold 10% of the global market share.