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500th Technical Medicine Graduate

Thursday, April 16th, the UT congratulated the 500th graduate in Technical Medicine; Anne-Jet Jansen, born and raised in Twente. She started her training in 2013 to eventually develop herself in the clinical field at Rijnstate and with her research, she studied the 'Vasomotor response of the abdominal and carotid artery in patients with an aneurysm'.

She started her master's degree in the Medical Sensing and Stimulation track in March 2017. From March 2018 she did her first internships. At first 4 short internships of 10 weeks (respectively at MST-Neurochirurgie, MUMC-BME, Rijnstate ZH-Vaatchirurgie en RadboudUMC-Kinderchirurgie) and then a whole year at Rijnstate in Arnhem to further develop herself in the clinical field. Anne-Jet says: "I really enjoyed my time as a student at the UT and was disappointed to leave Enschede for my internships, but I soon found out that I could learn a lot in practice, in all different departments in the various hospitals."

Cooperation Rijnstate hospital

the cooperation with Rijnstate hospital is going well according to Erik Groot Jebbink, Anne-Jet's technical supervisor: "In 2013 I was the first TM student to graduate from the surgical department of Rijnstate Hospital, and since then the number has only increased every year. It's nice to see that we now have close cooperation between Rijnstate and the University of Twente, with students such as Anne-Jet as an important part of the team."

In addition to her clinical development, Anne-Jet researched the 'Comparison of invasive and non-invasive central pressure in patients treated for an aneurysm with endoprosthesis'. Ultimately, this led to her thesis titled Measuring Vasomotor response in abdominal aortic aneurysm patients; a cool innovation toward cardiovascular event prediction. 

BIG registration

Due to the coronavirus measures, a festive graduation ceremony will take place at a later time, but as of yesterday Jansen may officially call herself 'Technical Physician'. "I am proud to call myself Technical Physician", says Anne-Jet. Since the 20th of March, Technical Medicine graduates at the UT will receive a full registration according to the Individual Healthcare Professionals Act (“BIG Act”). This gives Jansen and other graduates the authorisation to independently carry out medical procedures

According to Erik Groot Jebbink, the BIG registration creates new opportunities for the profession of technical physician: "Our registration also shows that there is room for a technical doctor in healthcare and it opens a number of doors to further develop our profession".