NBP lab protocols



· You are only allowed to work in the TC lab after following an introduction and training course.

· After entering and before exiting wash & disinfect hands.

· Clean your soles on the sticky mat next to the entrance area.

· Wear lab coats at all times. This rule will be enforced even if you are only using the protein purification equipment in the cell culture lab.

· Wear gloves at all times. This is as much for your protection as for that of the materials and other users.

· Organize your time at the LAF and put it in the agenda. Respect reservations.


· Remove jewelry or decoration from hands.

· Make sure your hair is not in the way (ponytail).

· Check the air ventilation before you use the LAF (having the light on doesn’t guarantee the appropriate airflow).

· Clean before & after using the LAF with 70% EtOH.

· Check suction device and empty if necessary.

· Rinse the hose for the vacuum pump before and after use with water & 70 % EtOH.

· Everything should be disinfected before using in the LAF (pipettes, tip boxes, tubes, flasks, etc.).

· Everything taken from the water bath should be dried first and then disinfected.

· Clean & dry counting chambers after use.

· Pipette boxes are only to be opened inside the LAF. If accidentally opened outside, label it as “unsterile” and remove it from the cell culture lab. These items can be used in the biochemistry labs.

· Tape or seal opened plastic bags especially before restoring them in the drawers/cupboards.

· Last person needs to check and shut down the lab before leaving (after 5).

· Refill Pasteur& plastic pipettes, tips, etc. after (almost) finishing.

· Label & use your own media, PBS, etc.

· Never use solutions/buffers from others without asking. As a general rule, trust only your own solutions.

· Its mandatory to report any infections to the lab responsible immediatelys

· Any infections detected must be recorded in the infection list (type, name, date).

· If an incubator is contaminated, you are not allowed to put flasks from this incubator directly to a clean one. A quarantine incubator has been created.

· Please help people around you to remember the rules. If you have any questions, please ask a more experienced user or a supervisor. It takes only seconds to ruin somebody’s experiments that have taken weeks or months to prepare.

· Finally, we will implement regular refresher courses to remind you of the essential GLP guidelines.